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2023 Elections

The following officers were elected at the 2023 annual meeting.   We thank them for their...

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GBOA History

The GBOA was founded in 1956 by a group of maverick officials who saw the need to break away from another group that just didn’t seem to fit their needs. The initial meeting was held in the basement of Tony Forst. Officers were elected at this meeting with Don Geyer being named the inaugural president. At a following meeting at the Industrial Towel Warehouse where Kit Kassube worked, the group decided to move forward. Mark Marnocha, Pid Dymond, Frank Vandersteen, Hugh Allen, Chet Miller, Don Tilkens, Ralph Schwartz, Bud Tozier, and Stan Wozniak were some of the other original founders. The group was off and running. Early sports included football, basketball, and baseball.

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